SUPERGUM Quartz Children's Gas Mask with 45L PAPR

SUPERGUM Quartz Children's Gas Mask with 45L PAPR

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Quartz Children's PAPR Gas Mask

Supergum CBRN Respirators – Your trusted protector from Bio Hazards and Viruses.

Air Purifying Protective Respirator Kit For Infants & Children + Assistant Blower.
The infant & Child Shield Hood is a respiratory protection system with a toy-like appeal, which is designed specifically to keep infants and children safe from airborne threats. The Infant & Child Shield Hood system is manufactured and tested in accordance with the specifications of the Israel Defense Forces and Ministry of Defense and was provided to every newborn in Israel.
with panoramic reflector, an integral drinking mechanism, and a strap system.
45L/min with a flexible hose and batteries fitted for 15 Hours of continuous work
Includes a standard thread and can be connected to protective systems manufactured in accordance with CBRN standards.

Main Features & Advantages
• Supreme protection: Hood-shaped for maximum seal and positive pressure.
• Equipped with an ONYX 45 a powerful air supply of 45 liter/a minute.
• One-size fits all: Fits toddlers as well as 8-10-year-old children.
• User-friendly: Toy-like appeal, a wide visor for maximum field of vision, easy to don and doff, comfortable for prolonged use.
• Internal drinking mechanism: Allows baby formula feeding and liquid consumption via a drinking straw.
• Long shelf life: The system has a shelf life of 15 years in RT conditions (8 years).

Manufactured pursuant to Certifications
Foreign Army Documents: European standard:
• MIL STD 282 • EN 166: 1995
• MIL V 43511C• EN 167: 1995
• MIL C 83409• EN 168: 1995
• EN – 148- 1
Testing processes:• DIN 53508
• ASTM D 624• DIN 53512
• ASTM D 638• DIN 53505
• ASTM D 882• DIN 53504
• ASTM D 1938
• ASTM D 2240
• ASTM D 2261
• ASTM D 2582

Equipped with ONYX45 PAPR

Made in Israel