SUPERGUM M15 Israeli Gas Mask | NSN Approved | 25-Year Shelf Life

SUPERGUM M15 Israeli Gas Mask | NSN Approved | 25-Year Shelf Life

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Israeli M15 Gas Mask

Approved NSN: 4240-31-018-6851
Year of production: 2022
M15 Gas Mask with a 25-year shelf life, CBRN Filter, speaking membrane, and a drinking tube are included.
The M15 Gas Mask was created for military and police personnel to provide eye, face, and breathing protection against all known NBC agents. The M15 is Israel's standard and well-known military respirator, having been used for decades by the Israeli Defense Forces and Law Enforcement. The M15 Mask is now available to civilians.
The M15 NBC face mask offers the highest level of protection and meets with the CE and European EN 136 standards, which are parallel to the Israel Standard SI 4013/5 for NBC masks.
The M-15 mask is built of a rubber combination that resists chemical penetration. The mask is exceptionally lightweight and easy to use and modify. The mask visor is composed of clear polycarbonate and coated with a scratch-resistant finish. It is specially engineered to prevent water vapor collection on the visor and provide users with a clear field of view. The vision range is 85%.

Main Characteristics and Benefits
• Comfort and communication: The mask is lightweight and allows for maximum comfort.

• Formulated from special rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents.

• Efficient communication, a large field of vision, and the ability to drink fluids while using. • The mask includes a Speaking diaphragm.

• Long shelf life: The mask has a 25-year shelf life.