SUPERGUM Black Diamond Simplex Israeli Gas Mask

SUPERGUM Black Diamond Simplex Israeli Gas Mask

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Black Diamond Simplex Gas Mask

Israeli civil Gas Mask

The simplex gas mask is an Israeli civil gas mask manufactured in Israel and approved by the Israeli Ministry of defense. used by the Israeli population during the Gulf War.

Gas Mask efficiency: The efficiency and safety of the Simplex Gas Mask have made it an essential part of Israel's civil defense for dealing with CBRN threats.

Gas Mask protection and comfortability: The Simplex Gas Mask protects from a variety of respiratory hazards. In addition, these masks provide high protection with a superior comfortable fit.

Includes: Simplex Gas Mask with 20 years/shelf life with CBRN Filter and a drinking tube.

The Simplex Gas Mask was developed to protect the face, eyes, and respiratory tracts of recipients against NBC threats. It complies with the requirements of Israeli Defense Forces technical specifications (strictest protection standards). This gas mask was used by the military and civilian actual projects and has been distributed to every citizen in Israel during the Gulf War under emergency conditions.

Main Features & Advantages

Strict manufacturing process: The Simplex GasMask is manufactured from a rubber mixture that resists chemical agent penetration.

Comfort & communication: The Simplex Gas Mask is lightweight and allows maximum comfort, effective communication, a large field of view, and the ability to drink fluids during use.

Active protection: The Simplex Gas Mask can connect to an external air blower
like the ONYX 45 and the ONYX 90 assistant blowers via a flexible hose.

Long shelf life: The Simplex Gas Mask has a long shelf life (up to 25 years in the original packaging).

The Simplex Gas Mask Kit is provided with an NBC filter, a liquid drinking tube, and a user's manual.

Manufactured in Israel by SUPERGUM